Nutritional commitment

We developed a unique , fresh, good and framed in a healthy lifestyle product. We only use the best peanuts, perfect for enjoying a unique flavor. We offer the best product : take care of the raw material from the origin, the development process , the freshness of our products and consumer information to contribute to your well-being.

We developed tailored to the nutritional needs of our consumers and we have launched a comprehensive program of nutritional improvement in line with the recommendations of the Health Authorities , as improved nutrition labeling : Follow a healthy and balanced diet also depends on good nutrition . To choose your food with confidence, we provide a clear and detailed nutritional information. Furthermore we indicate the guideline daily amounts (CDO ) on all our packaging. The CDO show the amount of calories, fat, saturated fat , salt and sugars that provides a serving of the product orientation respect to recommended daily allowance for a healthy diet.

Some benefits of vitamins and minerals that are present in the Capirotes:




It relaxes blood vessels giving them elasticity , stabilizes glucose levels and fatty acids in the blood and reduces cholesterol.


Promotes the formation of red blood cells , blood cells and hormones. Involved in the synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins and fats , helping the immune system to produce alloantibodies.


Also known as folic acid. Contributes to the formation of blood cells and red blood cells, helping to prevent anemia and improving cardiovascular health.


With antioxidant properties. Help maintain the integrity of the cell membrane.




Helps improve muscle tone in both neuronal favoring the transmission of nerve impulses. With magnesium production of red blood cells for the benefit of the immune system is increased.

Potassium and sodium

Regulate the acid -base balance and water concentration in blood and tissue.


Improving the training and development of bones and teeth as well as mental performance and memory.


Promotes the functioning of nerve and muscle tissues. Essential in the development of thyroid gland.


Powerful natural antioxidant enhances the absorption of vitamin A and helps maintain the senses of sight , taste and smell.




It helps the body eliminate certain harmful substances.


Suitable for proper growth and development of the organism.

Fatty Acids

They help to regulate body temperature, wrap and protect vital organs, and carry vitamins.